RSAC Security Scholar

The CEC is proud to host the RSA Conference Security Scholars program, open to all ASU undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing, regardless of their degree program. 

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RSA Conference, the world’s largest information security conference, draws more than 42,000 global cybersecurity professionals, 650+ exhibitors, and hosts over 550 sessions. It is an educational platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, discussing current national and international policies and identifying future threats in cybersecurity.

To further enrich the conversation, RSA Conference hosts 80 top scholars from 40 universities across the U.S. that demonstrate a strong commitment to cybersecurity, giving them access to interdisciplinary programs that advance technical, human, and legal approaches to information security.

Why apply?

  1. Meet the legends. Participate in private functions and meet industry movers and shakers. Previous industry experts have included Whit Diffie, General Keith Alexander, and Dmitri Alperovitch.
  2. Make career-long connections. Meet talented students from across the nation who will become valuable colleagues throughout your career.
  3. Network with future employers. Connect with potential employers and learn about problems that the industry is trying to solve today.
  4. Share your knowledge. Showcase your work to fellow university students, RSAC attendees and potential employers at the Security Scholar Poster Session.
  5. Enhance your learning. Hear from the experts and learn about the latest industry discoveries during Conference sessions and keynotes.

Eligibility criteria

  • Undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. student in good academic standing.
  • Be committed to fully participate in RSAC Security Scholar activities as organized by RSAC, February 24-28, 2020. 

 Learn more about the RSA Conference at:

Past winners

2020 Winners

Paul Wagenseller III

Nataly Costa

2019 Winners

Dominique Smith

Alaura Skiff

2018 Winners

Raida Kahn

Muhammed Kilig